Senior Information

Seniors please check your school email, I have invited you to join a Google Classroom. I will post scholarships, college information, financial aid information and anything else you might need to know throughout the year.

Parents of Seniors if you would like to join the classroom click, click on the + in the upper right hand corner. Select join class,. The class code is ousedp7

Senior To-Do-List

1. Sign up to take the ACT if still needed and make sure you send your official scores to your potential colleges. (see the ACT Resources page for link) If you are free/reduced lunch status, please come see me for a voucher.

2. Visit Colleges of interest. (see College and Universities page for links)

3. Apply to Colleges/Technical Colleges of interest.

  • Be mindful of schools requiring the Common Application

  • Check to see if your school offers a free application month

  • If you qualify for a application fee waiver please see Mrs. Burton

  • Request your transcript to be sent to the schools you have applied to

  • Once you begin the application process, watch your email closely. Most Colleges will communicate via email.

  • Pay close attention to admission requirements.

4. Attend the FAFSA meeting TBA. Please create your FSA ID prior to October 1st or as soon as it is available. (see scholarships and Financial aid for additional information)

5. Check the College websites for specific scholarships. These scholarships are usually open from September to December. Make sure you follow the requirements and request all information needed for each individual scholarship.

6. If you plan on being a student/athlete in college please see Mrs. Burton.